Everyone likes to be complimented, but to accept a compliment with gravitas is a challenge. Most of us malhandle these professional compliments by downplaying them. Some of these ways include

  1. Ignore: The compliment got no acknowledgment because the receiver did not hear it or did not realize he/she was being complimentedCompliment: That was a great presentation.
    Response: Let’s grab a quick bite
  2. Denial: The receiver denies the compliment.Compliment: That was a great presentation.Response: No,…It wasn’t. You must be joking.
  3. Arguing: Getting into an altercation with the person complimenting
    Compliment: That was a great presentation.
    Response: You bet, Anyone having this topic would have done it like this.
  4. Self-Insult: Receiver handles it by degrading oneself.Compliment: That was a great presentation.
    Response: I always make the same mistake of not using the leg space properly. I am so carelessHandling Compliments And Praises
  5. Boomerang: You scratch my back, I will scratch yours. In response to a compliment, the receiver gets oneCompliment: That was a great presentation.
    Response: Rather, your presentation was terrific.
  6. Reassurance: He/She is not sure of accepting the compliment and re-confirms.Compliment: That was a great presentation ;
    Response: Do you really feel so, I was so nervous.
  7. Credit Transfer: The Receiver transfers the compliment to othersCompliment: That was a great presentation.
    Response: The entire credit goes to my mentor, who worked really hard on this.
  8. Interrogation: Asking follow up questionsCompliment: That was a great presentation.
    Response: Ohh !! How many great presenters have you actually bumped into. I am not a patch on them.


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