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Campus to Corporate

Campus to Corporate

Our C2C Program increases students’ marketability and likelihood of employment by leading employers. We at Yeshaswi Bhav are a group of knowledgeable, practical professionals who offer coaching and counselling to help candidates prepare for campus selection processes.

We know how to implement the proper training needed for students’ bright futures, so we created this rigorous classroom training program for undergraduates to prepare them for the workforce. We make sure you get an in-depth education from the most knowledgeable professors. The greatest schools and universities in the state and country have received our services. to mention a few Poornima University, India International Institute of Management, Manipal University, Aryan College, Jaipur National University, International College for Girls, Mohan Lal Sukhadia University, Kota University, etc.

Our C2C course is specifically designed for students who want to pass campus selection processes at reputable firms like Infosys, IBM, L&T, Accenture, TCS, and others in mind.

The time and effort we are willing to devote to each student speak volumes about our commitment to developing tomorrow’s successful leaders.

Campus to corporate training is crucial because there is a big transition from academia to the workplace.

  • Stress Handling becomes better: Stress is not unfamiliar to college students. Assignments, exams, and social life must all be balanced. College and workplace stress, however, is very different. You get months to prepare for final exams or an assignment. In contrast, you get a few days to complete a task at work in the meanwhile. Also, you’ll finally be using everything you’ve learned for three to four years in your college. It could be overwhelming. Corporate training reduces your stress levels.
  • Become a team player: Collaboration in the workplace differs from that in a college setting. If you want to do a decent job, you would need to communicate effectively and frequently. Moreover, bonding throughout training with your coworkers will improve communication.
  • Enhanced Self-Awareness: Following the course, you’d be more equipped to comprehend yourself. You’d be aware of the areas that need improvement. There would be a SWOT analysis.
  • Understanding of Company Statements: Companies have their company statements i.e. missions and visions. They would want their employees to keep these in mind as they work. You could conduct yourself in a certain way if you share the same vision. The campus to corporate training evangelizes the importance of company statements.
  • Time Management: In the business world, great time management is necessary. Sadly, college students have a reputation for having poor time management abilities. You may use time management skills in other areas of your life in addition to helping you keep on top of your work.


The benefits of campus to corporate program

  • Concentrate on and accomplish your personal goals.
  • Build your inner strength and courage.
  • Create a good first impression.
  • Get results in interacting with others and engage with individuals from all walks of life with more confidence.
  • Your presentation should be set up to deliver your main points and to make the most of your presentation abilities.
  • Boost the efficiency of your email correspondence
  • Control the stress at work
  • Improve your active listening abilities to foresee and steer clear of typical misunderstandings.
  • Deal with the disputes that arise at work
  • Remove the obstacles that prevent you from communicating properly