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Free Career Counselling

Aids individuals in beginning, changing, or advancing their careers. Our counselors assist individuals to make the most of their talents and strengths. Talk to our counsellor now.

Comprehensive Assessments

The first and last things that leave a lasting impact on people are aspects of your personality. As a result, schools also emphasize helping pupils develop their personalities.

Industry Institute Interaction

Every institute’s mission is to develop talented, globally competent individuals through excellent training, and to position them for corporates and businesses immediately.

Our Students Our Pride

With more than 1,00,00 alumni, the Yeshaswi Bhav community is spread across the country and the world. They work as business leaders, physicians, writers, clergy, scientists, lawyers, and elected officials

Welcome To Yeshaswi Bhav

The world is changing second by second, minute by minute, hour by hour and so on, if we don’t train today we will be obsolete tomorrow hence everyone is invited. Training is considered to be one of the most critical business enabler and is linked to business outcome directly, Hence, it is the ‘Quality of Training’ focused on individual learning that would make the crucial difference. That is where YB comes in. It remains our Endeavour to help organizations develop their people’s Knowledge, Skills and AttitudeThe mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be ignited. We believe that every individual is different and has enormous potential to excel. We help them realize their true potential and ignite their confidence to achieve the maximum probable success (MPS).

Sandeep Menghani


Why Yeshaswi Bhav?

  • Small Batch Sizes
  • Homogeneous batches
  • Job Assistance Program
  • Regular tests and feedback
  • Technology enabled learning
  • Unique Training Methodologies
  • An inspiring team of facilitators
  • High-quality, researched curriculum
  • World Class Education Network

Spoken English Skills Sure English

English is the international means of communication. It is the official language of more than 70 countries and is spoken around by more than 400 million people across the globe.

Interviews & Discussions Big Break

Interviews and Group Discussions are the most important devices for employee selection. There is no best way to crack an interview. However, there are strategies.

Manners & Etiquette Kind Impluses

Corporate demand students with good personalities, effective communication skills and self-confidence. Also, for self-employed professionals it is important to put their best foot forward.

Public Speaking Skills Speech Craft

Every speaking opportunity is an opportunity to grow in leadership and influence. Understanding how to effectively get your message across to another person can help you generate more business.

Campus to Corporate Torque

We at Yeshaswi Bhav are a group of knowledgeable, practical professionals who offer coaching and counselling to help candidates prepare for campus selection processes

Entrepreneurship Skills Break Through

You will learn how to find success in the market and generate money by analyzing possibilities, managing start-ups, and fund enterprises using the broad framework of People, Opportunity, Context, and Deal.

Personality Course Journey Inwards

The Course covers self-assessment, confidence building, goal-setting, and self-improvement frameworks. You’ll learn to create persuasive speeches, choose morally, and think more creatively.

Train The Trainer Course Ascent

The Train the Trainer Certificate improves the creation and delivery of your programs while enhancing your abilities as a trainer. It provides a thorough foundation in professional training.

Comprehensive Assessments

What exactly do we mean when we're talking about assessment…

Career Counselling

The work environment is evolving quickly and continuously. Employment that…

Student Testimonials

I found real identity of mine after joining yeshaswi bhav because
faculty is too awesome and well trained and experienced.  They have a systematic process of learning and development.
I am fortunate to find this Institute.

Lipie Sharma

Best place to learn and develop your skills and knowledge.  Various processes to make you understand and guide for English communication and personality development. This institute has given me a wonderful experience of learning.

Priyanka Pathak

One of my best choice for Business communication course.  I learned a lot and is happy to find that my learning has been increasing day by day and I have got a promotion and is happy internally.  Thank you so much Yeshaswi Bhav.

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Vineet Jain