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Speech Craft

Speech Craft

It is very important to say the right things at the right time and at the right place when dealing with people -partners, customers, stakeholders, media and, sometimes, even competitors.

The success of any individual or business lies as much in networking and building sound professional relationships as it does in individual tact and business acumen. Any miscommunication or ambiguity can pour pails of cold water on your hard work and ruin your goodwill.

About Course

Maintaining professional etiquette in verbal and non-verbal business communication is of utmost importance and must not be taken lightly.

Speech Craft module provides training on developing business communication skills and correspondence. This module is regarding different forms of communication and their appropriate use.

Apart from basic communication skills like effective questioning, active listening etc, it also covers also covers useful skills for speaking in public through an explanation of informative, persuasive, and narrative speeches. This course is embellished with the Information on preparing, introducing, delivering and concluding presentations. People can think more strategically about their public speaking and presentation skills and improve their overall effectiveness in relaying information to others

Differentiator /Requirement

  • Participants are required to present a two-minute “elevator speech” every day on different.
  • Anti-Stress Video Exposure to participants,
  • Practice and theoretical sessions; One to One Session, Group Exercise, Handouts,
  • Participants Learning by providing multiple, flexible methods of presentation, expression and Flexible Options for Engagement,
  • Participants are introduced to Psychological Aspects to acquaint with Public Speaking and presentation,
  • Participants experience an informative, balanced (practical and theoretical) program.

 How to apply?

Fill in your details for a callback or you may call on our official number to fix an appointment with our e expert and visit the centre on the allotted date. Basis, your interaction, and counselling your current level is assessed and accordingly, you are allocated a batch. The tenure and the fees for the course depend on your assessment.