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Train The Trainer Course

Train The Trainer Course

Why Train the Trainer Course

If you poll the staff in any training department, it’s likely that 90% of them never wanted to work in corporate training. They were nudged into training because they were subject matter experts, excellent speakers showed initiative, approached work with excitement, and were committed to quality.

These are all great requirements for professionals in training, but even the most gifted individual will not be successful in this field on the basis of these attributes alone. Even the brightest, most enthusiastic, and most dedicated professional will fall short without a thorough understanding of adult learning principles and how to build information that will “stick” and “engage.”Although it’s not complicated, training is also not a sure thing. As the majority of trainers have never participated in a Train the Trainer Program, they attempt to emulate what they believe a trainer should accomplish.

Many adopt the style of a college professor by lecturing for 90% of the time and leaving a small amount of time in the end for questions, projecting the image that they are the subject matter experts. Throughout those college lectures, most of us were utterly bored, and it’s quite doubtful that we ever learned anything. The same result occurs in corporate training sessions where its more presentation style than interactive training. Others are just threatening enough in their training knowledge. For instance, they prepare a few questions to put to the group because they are aware that they need to “engage” the audience. Yet when they pose the first query, they are met with zipped lips and vacant gaze.

They attempt a second query, unfazed. The outcome is identical. Silence and staring. The trainer starts to perspire. When the participants don’t react to their plan, they are at a loss for what to do. Some, however, are oblivious that they utilize “verbal fillers” like ums, sos, you know, and likes. We all use fillers to some extent, but it becomes a problem when participants start keeping note of how many the trainer claims to employ.

Very frequently, the trainer is unaware of how these fillers undermine their authority and efficiency. Being knowledgeable about a subject is only one aspect of training. It takes more than just having a design that looks good on paper to create a compelling user experience. Not just the delivery is important. It has three prongs, -design, development, and delivery—all need excellence on your part. The entire workout falls apart if one prong fails.

Train the Trainer Course

We ensure that workshop participants concentrate on training best practices by mapping our content to professional competencies. Participants in the Train-the-Trainer process receive training, evaluation, and coaching on the essential components of successful training: design, development, and delivery, with an instructor-to-learner ratio, never exceeding 10:1.

Course Objectives

  • Strategies for grabbing attention even if you’ve never done it before
  • Easy ways to establish credibility and win the trust
  • An effective toolset for preparation that will help you appear informed and ensure that you are prepared to succeed in any educational setting
  • A simple process for answering questions step-by-step that makes it appear as though you always know the response even when you don’t
  • How to establish rapport immediately away
  • A straightforward, actionable learning styles theory that you can apply right away to help every student in your classroom
  • Proven methods for keeping the audience’s attention and controlling the tempo in your class
  • How to use knowledgeable questioning strategies to get your audience to interact, and follow along
  • Effective tone and body language approaches to connect with your participants right away
  • How to make your audience have fun and laugh while they are learning
  • A quick and easy way to tell if they “got it,” so you can be sure of the lessons you’ve delivered.