With more than 1,00,00 alumni spread across the country and the world.

The Yeshaswi Bhav community goes far beyond our institute campus.

Alumni of Yeshaswi Bhav work as business leaders, physicians, writers,

clergy, scientists, lawyers, and elected officials all around.

Each success story is unique in its own particular manner. 

These tales come in a variety of forms and lengths. 

Some of the tales center on college students who ventured 

outside of their comfort zones and discovered new job paths. 

In some tales, the protagonists are students who discover new things 

and land their ideal profession. 

With the sheer tenacity and perseverance that the students 

have shown to alter their fate and become what they always wanted to be, 

these stories are sure to restore your faith in learning. 

We feel privileged to share in their adventure.

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