The work environment is evolving quickly and continuously. Employment that wasn’t there five or ten years ago has now surfaced. Additionally, the belief that you would pursue a single profession for your whole working life has been disproven and that is why career counselling has changed and has become so crucial.

When should we consult a career counsellor?

Most people work hard to achieve their goals once they are aware of where they are going.

When faced with a “natural” crossroads, such as having to select a school, university, subject of study, or one from several work options, people seek the advice of career counsellors.

A second group goes to counsellors when they start feeling doubtful about the choices they made. choosing the best schools, majors, universities, jobs, or employers, they seek the advice of our career counsellors.

When a second group begins to have second thoughts about their decisions, they seek counselling. They consult career counsellors to help them choose the finest colleges, majors, occupations, or companies.

In a post-covid era, workers have to deal with the changes in the workplace more frequently. They frequently encounter and manage transitions and crossroads connected to their jobs. They pause when they are unsure about the best course of action. Our career counsellors give individuals the opportunity to share their career life narratives. By thinking back on situations where they were at a fork in the path, they are able to hear themselves. They learn to deal with their current crossroads by listening to themselves.

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