Is English not your first language, and do you work in an Anglo environment? Your reading and writing skills are good enough, but when it comes to speaking English publicly, you shakeup. This article is going to be epic for you as you’ll learn how to express yourself confidently in meetings despite not having English as your first language.

Read Some Easy-To-Apply Tips Below-

#1.Speak A Little With Confidence

Do you think that nid-nod is enough to show that you are also a part of the meeting? If yes, then you are wrong. Not speaking up may hurt your career more than speaking something. Use your expression and express your valuable opinion during a meeting. However, you can’t frame a long sentence, but at least you can speak a little.

#2. Follow Prep Guide Before Meeting

Most companies send topics for discussion before a meeting. If you want to talk over your favorite topic, write out what would you say in advance and practice saying those words aloud. This way, you’ll feel comfortable with pronunciation, clarity, and speed. The point of this practice is confidence to say in front of peers.

#3. Ask Questions

If you didn’t hear something during the meeting, don’t be scared to seek clarification and ask questions. Meetings are full of people enthusiastic to talk to others. Your peers will be glad when you seek clarification on an idea they had.

#4. Start Speak Slowly

Whenever we feel nervous, we tend to ramble and forget our point. And if you see that your audience is lost, you will only feel bad. Take a deep breath and start to speak gradually. Give colleagues the chance to follow along and value your words.

Wrapping Up

We hope this article is quite informative & helpful for you. You are not only the one who faces such type of situation in life, still, but there are also more who have faced and are facing it. It is vital to keep yourself always confident and motivated because people like to talk to such people. Well, you follow the above-mentioned tips and see the difference in just one go.

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