1 Mr.Invisible You cannot see him frequently. He’s either out playing golf, on vacation, or has some sort of fancy remote-working environment that allows him a lot of time away from the office. It’s the kind of boss we all want to be, but to work for?

2.The Micromanager He is a pain in the neck for anyone who has any ounce of self-direction. They constantly hover over you, making sure you are on top of every little minute detail of every aspect of your job.

3. The Disciplinarian This guy is old-school. He expects results, and he expects them without complaining. If you mess up, you’ll hear about it, and you will not be able to make any excuses.

4.The Muddlehead Sits in his office all day playing online video games, sleeping, or on the phone with his friends. He never does any “work” at all, but somehow got into a position of power. He can be difficult in that his laziness is a detriment to your own job stability.

5.Motivational Speaker, He is like a typical high school marketing teacher. He constantly reminds the team of its goals and how great it would be if the department reached them. He overuses tired lines like, “let’s get with the game plan,” and “We will do it, team!”

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