There may be many things that can affect your mental peace in your workplace and Gaslighting that was first referred to in a 1938 British drama often tops this list . Gaslighting can be really annoying and it has to be stopped or avoided at the earliest before it or the people who targeted you gets the better of you. However, this is not easy. Serious efforts have to be taken from your side and just like everything that has a negative shade, it is better early to find solutions for this and make your co-workers end Gaslighting against you. Here are the ways by which you can identify and counter the  Gaslighting against you at your workplace.

1)  Gaslighting begins with questioning

This can be said as one of the first steps of Gaslighting. This can be started by your manager or even the person who is working in the cabin next to you. You will be questioned on your approach and will also be easily judged by these people. and these mind games will really harm your confidence.

 2 ) Spreads gossip about you

The next stage of Gaslighting can go even deeper. The people who want to harm your reputation will spread gossip about you to succeed in their mission. Gossips about your personal characteristics can be said as a sub-category of cheating also and this will be made just to disturb your mental peace in the workplace.

3 ) More and more gossips

Spreading gossip about you won’t just end after one or two days and can even go to the extent of emotional abuse. People spreading gossip about you will continue doing until they understand you are no longer the previous self or you have lost the confidence you had. As spreading gossip doesn’t require any valid evidence, they will be happier to cook stories about you in public events and meetings.

4 ) Negative humor and sarcasm

Humor or sarcasm about you can be really disturbing when they follow wherever you go. You will be teased or mocked by your fellow members for no reason as part of their plans and this can also test your confidence sometimes.

 5 ) Snatching offers and opportunities

The opportunities and offers that come your way as a result of your hard work and dedication will be taken away from you and you should not expect any justifications or should be prepared to receive justifications that will not seem logical for you.


There are other forms of Gaslighting such as bullying and many more. The victims will continue to suffer more and more if they begin to believe these false judgments to be true. Timely actions and reactions can save you from getting Gaslighted.

Breakups can be tough. It is how well you tackle the situation that matters. Your office is a place you don’t want any trouble. Whether it is your work or your relationship with your co-workers everything should be steady. Talking about relations, you may or may not fall in love with one of your co-workers and sometimes it will not end up how you wanted things to be. In this Valentine’s day week let’s see how well we can conquer the situations when you break up with your colleague. 

1 ) Understand the why’s and how’s of a break-up

Breakups in the office can make you feel really uncomfortable. You might be one of those hard working ones who always used to get the best employee of the month award. A sudden break-up, that you never expected coming may affect your skills and productivity. Never compare your relations with others. Understand what went wrong between you and your partner and try to move on at the earliest to avoid future losses both for you and your company. Try to use your time in other productive activities.

2 ) Try to avoid continuous interactions

A change in plans will definitely help you to steady the ship to a great extent during this testing situation. Both of you might have spent time together for a  coffee or lunch at a particular time during your happy days before the break-up. Change the time and enjoy your privacy to have a good meal or coffee to avoid any possible meetings. You can also talk to your Hr and discuss what is bothering you

3 ) Discuss office related works

The more you think and talk about your breakup, the more it will bother you. Make a habit of discussing office-related works and other projects that you both are working on together whenever a conversation happens between you two. Try to maintain a cheerful relationship with him or her even though it is tough. Happy working space and surroundings will both of you recover to a great extent. If this is not possible, then change the department or office.

4 ) Avoid the thoughts of revenge

The worst thing that keeps on coming after a breakup in the office will be to seek revenge against your ex-partner. This idea is not all good and may most of the time affect you more than the person you intended. Avoid spreading rumors and things they said to you when you were in relation with this person. Thinking about ways to hurt this person emotionally or mentally will never make you free from the pain

Do you lose your temper when someone does not listen to you?

Feeling angry is a normal and healthy emotion. But when it goes beyond the limit becomes negative emotion. Uncontrolled anger takes a toll on your loved ones and deteriorates your physical and mental health. Uncontrolled fury makes you do or say things that you guilt later.

Now the question is – Should you suppress your anger? The answer is ‘No’.

Suppressing anger may have a lasting and damaging impact because anger is sometimes a response to fear and loneliness. Instead, you need to learn how to gradually control anger and anxiety.

Easy Techniques To Control Anger & Stress Are As Follow-

1.Express Anger

Sometimes it is fine to share your reasons behind furriness with your loved ones. Though explosions cannot solve any issue, a mature dialogue can help reduce stress and anger.

2.No Tantrums

Sometimes anger makes you do or say things that you don’t want to. Try to stay silent when you feel angry. Don’t speak to anyone, and you will feel better in the next 10 minutes. 

3.Find Mantras

Most of the time a phrase or a word help calm you down. So, when you get angry next time, chant mantras like ‘take it easy, ‘relax’, or ‘you can do it’.

4. Take Deep Breaths

When you feel anger, your breathing gets fast. You can lower your rage by taking slow and deep breaths from your nose. Inhale deeply, hold and then exhale slowly. Do this for 2-3 minutes.


Workout calms your nerve and hence aids in reducing anger. If you feel angry, go for a walk, do yoga, dance to your favorite songs, or hit the gym. Try anything that appeases your mind.

6.Count Down

Count down up to 10. If you are bursting out begin from 100. Counting down slower your heart rate and will eventually make your anger decrease.

7.Ask Yourself

Ask yourself – why are you angry, and what are you thinking. Note everything down on paper. It will help you deal with any situation with maturity.

Final Words

You can’t totally remove angry feelings but you can bring changes to those events, which affect you and the way you react. If you follow these techniques, you can keep your anger in check, and the people around you will always stay happy.