Breakups can be tough. It is how well you tackle the situation that matters. Your office is a place you don’t want any trouble. Whether it is your work or your relationship with your co-workers everything should be steady. Talking about relations, you may or may not fall in love with one of your co-workers and sometimes it will not end up how you wanted things to be. In this Valentine’s day week let’s see how well we can conquer the situations when you break up with your colleague. 

1 ) Understand the why’s and how’s of a break-up

Breakups in the office can make you feel really uncomfortable. You might be one of those hard working ones who always used to get the best employee of the month award. A sudden break-up, that you never expected coming may affect your skills and productivity. Never compare your relations with others. Understand what went wrong between you and your partner and try to move on at the earliest to avoid future losses both for you and your company. Try to use your time in other productive activities.

2 ) Try to avoid continuous interactions

A change in plans will definitely help you to steady the ship to a great extent during this testing situation. Both of you might have spent time together for a  coffee or lunch at a particular time during your happy days before the break-up. Change the time and enjoy your privacy to have a good meal or coffee to avoid any possible meetings. You can also talk to your Hr and discuss what is bothering you

3 ) Discuss office related works

The more you think and talk about your breakup, the more it will bother you. Make a habit of discussing office-related works and other projects that you both are working on together whenever a conversation happens between you two. Try to maintain a cheerful relationship with him or her even though it is tough. Happy working space and surroundings will both of you recover to a great extent. If this is not possible, then change the department or office.

4 ) Avoid the thoughts of revenge

The worst thing that keeps on coming after a breakup in the office will be to seek revenge against your ex-partner. This idea is not all good and may most of the time affect you more than the person you intended. Avoid spreading rumors and things they said to you when you were in relation with this person. Thinking about ways to hurt this person emotionally or mentally will never make you free from the pain

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