There may be many things that can affect your mental peace in your workplace and Gaslighting that was first referred to in a 1938 British drama often tops this list . Gaslighting can be really annoying and it has to be stopped or avoided at the earliest before it or the people who targeted you gets the better of you. However, this is not easy. Serious efforts have to be taken from your side and just like everything that has a negative shade, it is better early to find solutions for this and make your co-workers end Gaslighting against you. Here are the ways by which you can identify and counter the  Gaslighting against you at your workplace.

1)  Gaslighting begins with questioning

This can be said as one of the first steps of Gaslighting. This can be started by your manager or even the person who is working in the cabin next to you. You will be questioned on your approach and will also be easily judged by these people. and these mind games will really harm your confidence.

 2 ) Spreads gossip about you

The next stage of Gaslighting can go even deeper. The people who want to harm your reputation will spread gossip about you to succeed in their mission. Gossips about your personal characteristics can be said as a sub-category of cheating also and this will be made just to disturb your mental peace in the workplace.

3 ) More and more gossips

Spreading gossip about you won’t just end after one or two days and can even go to the extent of emotional abuse. People spreading gossip about you will continue doing until they understand you are no longer the previous self or you have lost the confidence you had. As spreading gossip doesn’t require any valid evidence, they will be happier to cook stories about you in public events and meetings.

4 ) Negative humor and sarcasm

Humor or sarcasm about you can be really disturbing when they follow wherever you go. You will be teased or mocked by your fellow members for no reason as part of their plans and this can also test your confidence sometimes.

 5 ) Snatching offers and opportunities

The opportunities and offers that come your way as a result of your hard work and dedication will be taken away from you and you should not expect any justifications or should be prepared to receive justifications that will not seem logical for you.


There are other forms of Gaslighting such as bullying and many more. The victims will continue to suffer more and more if they begin to believe these false judgments to be true. Timely actions and reactions can save you from getting Gaslighted.

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