Are you going to find a promising job for yourself? If yes, you must read this blog. Alluring recruiters and getting recruited is a different ballgame overall. Along with high qualifications, you will need to plan and take the right action to increase your chances of seizing recruiters’ attention and standing out among other job applicants.

Rule#1. Prep Yourself 

Going to search for a job? Wait.

Firstly, understand the job market and learn how to handle expectations for various job roles. It will help you decide your future career path. Getting familiar with industry-specific news would be advantageous as it shows your interest and gusto in the role you have applied for. This will leave the first impression on your would-be employers.

Rule#2. Update CV 

Do you think your resume is thoroughly read by recruiters?

It’s nothing like that. A resume/CV is all about the skills you possess. Recruiters shorten unwanted resumes to get the CV they need. That’s why you should include your experience and skills to match their demands instead of using an ordinary resume for all your job applications.

Rule#3. Expand Job Search

Don’t limit your job search to only big-name companies. Small and medium-sized businesses can also have equal opportunities. To create your portfolio, getting relevant experience is crucial. 

Rule #4: Stay Active on Social Networks

About 70% of employers have social media accounts when shortlisting job applicants. You must build a powerful online presence. Apply on social media apps like Indeed, LinkedIn, etc. Create an “about me” video to post on your social media or professional website. It helps recruiters learn about you and your skills.

Rule#5. Personal Presentation Is Required 

People are always attracted to a well-groomed person. Men arrive at the company in suits and ties, while women wear formal shirts and trousers. Ensure your clothes are well ironed and unblemished, and your shoes are polished. 

Tip: Avoid eating before you go in, otherwise a smile full of food leftovers is detraction from your appearance.

Summing Up

These were the five golden rules for getting hired by any organization or company. Along with hunting for jobs, developing a network helps you meet people in your field of work who could become your future boss. Follow the above-mentioned rules to get the best results. Good Luck!

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