Jobs give you good respect and salary packages. As your daily earnings are crucial both for you
and your family, things get really difficult when you don’t have a comfortable and secure job.
However, you may also get certain job offers that don’t meet your expectations. You should also
remember that you should not surrender your career dreams and accept any job openings that
come your way. Here are the tips by which you can reject job offers that you think are not the
right ones for your career growth.
1) Make it simple and precise
Rejecting a job offer can be tough sometimes. You should avoid the use of the wrong words at
the wrong time to avoid sounding arrogant. Also, try not to over apologize as it may also sound
boring sometimes. Give the right reason why you are avoiding the job offer in an official manner
and way precisely always
2 ) Always say thank you
Always find it necessary to thank the hiring manager and other people concerned for their time
and effort. This will also create a good impression of you and will make you look like a real
professional. Expressing gratitude also increases your chances of considering you in the same
company when the situations are more favorable
3 ) Don’t be specific
One thing that has to be taken care of is that you don’t have to be really specific while giving
your reason. However, you should also keep in mind there should always be a valid reason for
your rejection. Don’t give reasons that may seem awkward as they create a bad impression about
your professional approach.
4 ) Maintain a healthy relationship
This is one of the important things that have to be considered while rejecting the job offer. As
mentioned earlier, you will be looking for a job in the same company that you rejected after
some time. Maintaining a good relationship with HR and the selection panel of the company will
increase your chances of getting selected even though you rejected the offer the first time when
the job was offered.
5 ) Avoid Procrastination
When you decide to reject a job don’t wait for too long to write your rejection letter. Avoiding
taking too much time will let both you and the company carry on with further steps with other
Always apply for jobs that will keep you in a good frame of mind as it will help you to be more
productive always. Applying and getting selected for jobs that are not good for you will affect
you and the company that recruited you at the same time.

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